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I have over 25 years of success in United States business visas and permanent residence cases, since 1988.

The highest (AV) peer ranking for competency and professional ethics, in Martindale-Hubbell Legal Directory.

www.Avvo.com rating:  10 (highest)

Member, American Immigration Lawyers Association

Member, American Bar Association


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Practice Areas

U.S. Immigration and Tax Law.

  • * Aliens of prominence in arts, science, athletics or business
  • * Business immigration basics
  • * Entrepreneurs, investors and traders
  • * NAFTA and immigration
  • * Australian professionals
  • * Foreign physicians:  J-1 waiver, work visa and “green card”
  • * Multinational executives and managers
  • * Self-employed individuals
  • * Business travel without a U.S. visa
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