Allen C. Ladd, Immigration Lawyer 

 “I have helped hundreds of clients over the past 25 years.  And I’m ready to help you.”

Mr. Ladd has over 25 years of experience in U.S. immigration matters, in representing clients in the United States and overseas.

He offers potential clients competent and ethical representation and a high success rate in immigration cases, based on creative and resourceful solutions.


Emphasis in Mr. Ladd’s practice:

· WORK VISAS for professionals, investors, business employees, and “key” employees.

· PERMANENT RESIDENCE for individuals of outstanding achievement in business, science, sports, and the arts.

· WORK VISAS and PERMANENT RESIDENCE for independent consultants.

*  DEPORTATION and REMOVAL for clients with proceedings in Immigration Court.


To contact Mr. Ladd:

You may contact Mr. Ladd by email, using the short form in this web site, or writing to him directly: info@visas2america.net.

You are welcome to send a Curriculum Vitae, in confidence.

When you contact Mr. Ladd, tell him about the following:

· What is your goal?  Do you hope to get a work visa, or permanent residence?

· What is your timetable for meeting this goals?

· Have you attained a high level of achievement, in your professional field?  What are your accomplishments?

· What are your plans for working in the United States?  Do you have a job offer?  Do you want to work as an independent consultant?

· Have you already received advice from an immigration lawyer, and wish to have a second opinion from Mr. Ladd?