FAQ #1 On DIY For Visas To The USA

FAQ #1 On DIY For Visas To The USA

Q:  What does “DIY” mean? 

A:  “Do It Yourself.”

Q:  What does “DIY” mean, in the context of this visas4rightbrainers blog?

A:  Think of it as, “How can I get a visa to run my own business in the United States?”

Q:  Is it easy, to get a visa to run my own business?

A:  No.  U.S. immigration law does not favor self-employment: A foreign national is, by and large, dependent on a job offer from a U.S. employer, to qualify for a work visa or become a permanent resident.

Q:  Are there other options, for talented individuals wishing to work in the United States?  What are these options?  And for whom?

A;  Broadly speaking, they fall into several groups.

Q:  What is the first group?

A:  “Business visitors.”

  • Individuals who will provide temporary skilled-work or professional services, and will not receive remuneration in the United States.
  • Individuals who will receive training to further their careers abroad – no compensation.
  • Professional athletes – may compete for prize money.
  • Business owners and principals abroad, who will perform preliminary work prior to establishing a U.S. business – no compensation.

Q:  Will there be more on this subject, in the visas4rightbrainers blog?

A:  You bet!  I have a lot of information I want to share with you.  Keep an eye out for a soon-to-come blog post.