Resisting Trump’s call to eliminate “green card lottery” 11.01.2017

On the heels of the recent, shocking attack by a radical Uzbek Muslim in New York City, President Trump is calling for an end to the diversity visa immigrant lottery, and for strengthening of a merit-based U.S. immigration law system. We grieve for the victims, as we ponder solutions to extremist violence, Muslim-inspired and otherwise.  As we search for solace and for answers, let us be careful not to assign blame too...

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New ICE Enforcement Rules … and Options


Reference: New enforcement policies by ICE

Date: July 10, 2017

The Trump administration has introduced extreme changes in domestic immigration enforcement priorities. We have heard from many of our clients who have voiced concerns, especially from those clients who have appointments with ICE. Should you go to your appointment? What will happen if you don’t?

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A New Test for “National Interest Waiver” Cases (Dec. 2016)

he “National Interest Waiver” is a test for foreign nationals who are applying for permanent residence based on their work in their field of expertise, to determine if they may be approved for permanent residence on their own, without a job offer from a U.S. employer.

To qualify, the applicant, called a “self-petitioner,” must either be a “member of the professions holding an advanced degree” or an “alien of exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business.” These are the baseline requirements for the “EB-2” category for permanent residence.

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The American Gateway for Entrepreneurs

Introduction: I counsel entrepreneurs and investors as part of my immigration law practice, and I derive great satisfaction from finding creative, cost-effective solutions for my clients, whenever possible. In this post I will review a few potentialUS visa options.

US immigration law offers several alternatives to individuals and their families who wish to relocate to America.

* Permanent residence – “EB-5” program: For investors with deep pockets($500,000 to $1 million), the EB-5 employment-creation visa for permanent residence offers a two-step program.

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In Search of ‘the Good Life’

“What is at stake is … how one should live one’s life.” – Plato

“Life is not primarily a quest for pleasure … or a quest for power … but a quest for meaning.” – Rabbi Harold S. Kushner, from the foreword to Man’s Search for Meaning by Dr. Viktor L. Frankl

“[T]rue happiness is something deeper than lucking into a beautiful state of affairs. It’s the dignity of mastering the blessed gift of the mind. It’s tranquility. It’s an ability to bear up under the most difficult circumstances. It’s the deeply satisfying sense of doing what we’re supposed to be doing.” – Scott Samuelson, The Deepest Human LIfe

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Reading the Tea Leaves … November and Beyond

The candidacy of Mr. Donald Trump, while hugely entertaining (or disturbing, depending on one’s point of view), is not likely to lead to the White House. While Mr. Trump, as Ms. Palin before him, is undeniably charismatic, and offers appealingly simplistic answers to the world’s most complex issues, he will simply not be able to amass the broad base he needs for election to the presidency.

Assuming Mrs. Hillary Clinton is elected to the presidency, I believe that she (and husband Bill) will push for meaningful reform of the immigration laws of this country

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