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Multinational executives and managers



Partners in US businesses

Key employees


Work permits for spouses


Appeals and review of 

USCIS decisions




Permanent residence for spouses of 

American citizens

Includes same-sex marriages

Other family members

Renewal of green cards

Citizenship for family members

Appeals and review of USCIS decisions

Above the Clouds




Permanent residence through:

  • Expertise

  • Prominence

  • National-level recognition

  • Future benefit to the US "national interest"

  • Top consulting work

  • Investment

  • Achievement in art, athletics, business, or science

Work permits for applicants and family members

Appeals and review of USCIS decisions


Protection from persecution in the home country, on account of:

  • Race

  • Ethnicity

  • Nationality

  • Religion

  • Political opinion

  •  Social identity

  • Humanitarian basis

Work permits for asylum applicants and family members

Appeals and review of

USCIS decisions


"3-Layer Cake"

Summary:  Available only if noncitizen spouse entered the USA legally.  US citizen and noncitizen spouse residing together in the United States submit a "3-layer" application package to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Advantage:  Much shorter processing times than "3-act" immigrant visa process.  Remain in USA at all times.

Also:  Noncitizen may receive work permission (and Social Security Number) while waiting for interview to be scheduled.

The 3 layers:

  • US citizen's Petition for Alien Relative (Form I-130) and supporting evidence.

  • Noncitizen's Application to Adjust  Status (Form I-485), work/travel permit applications, and supporting evidence.

  •  US citizen sponsor's Form I-864 affidavit of financial support and supporting evidence.

Final decision by:  USCIS local office near place of residence.

Not available if:  Noncitizen entered US without being inspected at US checkpoint or other port of entry.

Waivers:  Certain (but not all) grounds of disqualification may be overcome, through a "waiver" process (Form I-601).  Proof of exceptional hardship to US citizen spouse, with extensive supporting evidence

Waivers possible if disqualified due to immigration fraud, simple possession marijuana/hashish, convictions for certain offenses, medical issues.

Getting a Green Card: 

"3-Layer Cake"


"3-Act Play" ?


"3-Act Play"

Summary:  For cases of noncitizen spouse who entered the USA unlawfully and has been unlawfully present in the USA.  A 3-step process requiring approvals by USCIS, the National Visa Center and a US embassy or consulate overseas.

Advantage:  Through Provisional Waiver (Form I-601A), noncitizen spouse's unlawful entry and presence may be excused.

The 3 stages:

  • US citizen's Form I-130 and supporting evidence, then USCIS approval.

  • Noncitizen's immigrant visa application and supporting evidence including Form I-864 financial support, then review and referral by National Visa Center to US consulate or embassy overseas.

  • If applicable, Form I-601A approval before noncitizen spouse departs USA.

  • Interview with US consular officer overseas.

Final decision by:  US consular officer at US consulate or embassy overseas.

Not available if:  Noncitizen made more than one unlawful entry(ies) into the USA (with limited exceptions).    

Waivers:  If noncitizen spouse made a single unlawful entry, may be eligible for a "provisional waiver" (Form I-601A).  It is processed before noncitizen spouse departs the USA.  If other grounds of disqualification, Form I-601A is obsolete and noncitizen spouse must make waiver application (Form I-601) after attending visa interview.



My husband and I highly recommend Mr. Ladd and his staff to anyone that is needing any Immigration services.  He treated us with respect and truth.  His staff was so helpful, kind and understanding, and kept us informed of every document we needed at every step of my husband's case.

The first consultation with Mr. Ladd and his paralegal put us at ease and gave us the confidence we needed to continue with our case.  The process was long, but well worth it!  His paralegal helped us all along the way.   She is excellent!  Extremely thorough and very knowledgeable.


Allen has handled several immigration related issues from me and my family (green card/work visa).  He has always been very professional and his extensive experience in immigration matters have helped me get approvals in all my immigration cases.  Allen cares about each case and as a full time immigration attorney he is very through and provides a personal touch.  I would recommend Allen for all immigration cases!


I am very thankful that I found such a great lawyer.  Mr. Ladd has been amazing.  He took my immigration case on and it has been a very complicated very tense situation with [the] court.  He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of immigration and when he needed help with different aspects of my case, he reached out to different attorneys to get their help.  He guided me through every step and was really there for me through the entire process.  He is honest and forthright and has never misled me.  He listened and was very comforting and understanding of my unique situation.  He truly cares about his clients and wants the best for them.  He is an excellent lawyer.  I would most definitely hire him if I have future immigration issues and I most strongly recommend him to any future clients.


When I met with Mr. Ladd regarding my wife's immigration case he clearly explained the process to me and what steps would be involved.  Everything occurred exactly [as] he outlined and the timeline only lagged his original estimates by a few months (due to delays in government agencies processing documents). He does an excellent job of managing expectations, delivering as promised, and ensuring the process goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.




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